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Stride Health is a digital platform that caters to the needs of independent workers such as freelancers and entrepreneurs. The company operates in the health insurance market, offering a range of services to help its clients navigate the complexities of insurance, finances, and taxes.

Stride Health's business model is centered around providing personalized insurance plan recommendations based on the individual needs and healthcare preferences of its clients. The company offers the same plans at the same prices found on the marketplace, ensuring that its clients get the best possible deal.

In addition to health insurance, Stride Health also provides access to dental, vision, and life insurance plans specifically curated for independent workers. The company offers tools to help its clients prepare for taxes and uncover savings, including mileage and expense tracking, income tracking, and tax support.

Stride Health makes money by earning commissions on the insurance plans it sells. The company also offers unbiased advice and support to its clients, helping them make informed decisions about their insurance coverage.

Stride Health prides itself on prioritizing the needs of independent workers. All of its products are designed to help these individuals thrive and build towards the life they aspire to create. The company's approach is to provide tools and support to help its clients achieve their goals, rather than dictating what those goals should be.

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