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Edit is a digital health startup that offers a comprehensive solution for remote patient monitoring and support, with a particular focus on cancer care. The company's mission is to reinvent the way cancer is treated, by humanizing, streamlining, and personalizing patient care journeys.

The startup's offering consists of two synergistic tools: a remote monitoring platform used by healthcare professionals, and a mobile application designed to assist patients in managing their daily lives. These tools are designed to improve patient quality of life, adherence to treatment, and overall survival rates. They also aim to provide more tailored, human, and personalized support for each individual. operates in the digital health market, serving both healthcare professionals and patients. Its business model is likely based on a subscription or licensing fee for the use of its platform and app. The company's solution is adaptable for any type of cancer and any phase or treatment, and is currently used by thousands of patients. It has been deployed in over 50 healthcare facilities, both private and public, as well as cancer treatment centers, serving more than 4000 patients.

The startup also focuses on facilitating care coordination and maintaining patient connection. It regularly conducts surveys among its users, both caregivers and patients, to better understand the impact of its solution. In nearly 80% of cases, patients report feeling better cared for.

Keywords: Digital Health, Cancer Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, Personalized Care, Healthcare Professionals, Mobile Application, Patient Support, Care Coordination, User Surveys, Impact Assessment.

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