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Valuation: $200m

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Total Funding$103m

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One Drop is a pioneering company in the health tech sector, specializing in diabetes management. It offers a comprehensive platform designed to simplify and enhance the management of diabetes, blood pressure, heart health, and weight. The company’s flagship product is an award-winning mobile app that integrates seamlessly with its Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter. This device allows users to monitor their blood sugar levels accurately and effortlessly.

One Drop serves a diverse clientele, including individuals with diabetes, prediabetes, high blood pressure, and those seeking to improve their heart health and manage their weight. The platform is particularly beneficial for people who want to take a proactive approach to their health, providing them with the tools and support needed to achieve their wellness goals.

Operating in the digital health market, One Drop employs a subscription-based business model. Users can subscribe to receive test strips and lancets, which are essential for regular blood glucose monitoring. Additionally, the company offers personalized coaching services, where users can work with a coach to manage their health conditions and reach specific health goals. These services are bundled into various packages, such as Complete Weight for Heart Health and Complete Diabetes, which cater to specific health needs.

One Drop generates revenue through these subscription services and premium memberships. The premium membership, known as One Drop Premium, provides users with enhanced features and personalized health plans, making it easier for them to stay on top of their health. The company also benefits from its integration capabilities, allowing users to sync One Drop with other popular health apps and devices, consolidating all their health data in one place.

In summary, One Drop is a leading health tech company that offers a comprehensive solution for managing diabetes and other health conditions through a combination of innovative technology, personalized coaching, and subscription services.

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