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Lark is a digital health startup focused on providing accessible and affordable health coaching to help individuals manage prediabetes and weight loss. The company operates in the digital health and wellness market, targeting individuals who are at risk of developing diabetes or who are seeking weight management solutions. Lark leverages technology to offer personalized health coaching through a mobile app, which includes features like a smart scale and digital coaching sessions.

The primary clients of Lark are individuals with prediabetes or those looking to manage their weight. The company also partners with insurance providers to offer its services at no cost to eligible users, making it easier for people to access the care they need without financial barriers.

Lark's business model revolves around providing digital health coaching and weight management solutions. The company makes money through partnerships with insurance providers who cover the cost of the program for eligible members. Additionally, Lark offers access to weight loss medications like semaglutide, which are prescribed after a telehealth consultation and are part of a comprehensive weight management plan that includes a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

The company has a strong focus on data security and privacy, having obtained SOC 2 Type II and HITRUST certifications to ensure the protection of user data. Lark's Diabetes Prevention Program has been clinically tested and shows results comparable to traditional telehealth and live coaching methods, making it a reliable option for those seeking to improve their health.

In summary, Lark is dedicated to making healthy lifestyles achievable, accessible, and affordable through innovative digital health solutions. The company serves individuals at risk of diabetes and those seeking weight management, operating primarily through partnerships with insurance providers.

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