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Hinge Health operates as a digital clinic specializing in joint and muscle care. The startup provides a platform that combines expert clinical care with advanced technology to offer a more personalized and effective approach to physical therapy. This platform is designed to help users manage their pain, recover from injuries, and even prepare for surgeries.

The company primarily serves employees and members of health plans, with its services being available at no cost through over 1,500 employers and health plans. This indicates that Hinge Health's business model is likely based on partnerships with these entities, who cover the cost of the service for their employees or members.

The Hinge Health app is a key component of the company's offering. It provides users with exercises, allows them to communicate with their care team, and educates them about their condition. The app also helps users set and track their goals, and celebrates their progress, making it a comprehensive tool for managing joint and muscle health.

In summary, Hinge Health operates in the digital health market, providing a technology-driven solution for joint and muscle care. The company generates revenue through partnerships with employers and health plans, who offer the service as a benefit to their employees or members.

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