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BenchSci is a startup that operates in the biotechnology sector, specifically focusing on preclinical research and development (R&D). The company uses artificial intelligence (AI) and proprietary visual machine learning to create a comprehensive map of disease biology. This map is built using data from published experiments, internal data, vendor catalogs, and ontology datasets. The aim is to help scientists understand existing research, thereby increasing the efficiency and yield of their R&D efforts.

BenchSci's primary product is ASCEND, a preclinical R&D platform. This platform uses patented machine learning technology to extract evidence from various data sources. It is designed to assist scientists across different therapeutic areas and at any stage of a research project. ASCEND helps in hypothesis generation, developing experimental approaches, and identifying risks from preclinical experiments.

The company's business model revolves around providing this platform to scientists and research organizations. By offering a tool that can augment due diligence, accelerate research, and reduce risks, BenchSci is able to generate revenue. The platform's intuitive interface and easy deployment across an enterprise make it a valuable tool for its clients.

In summary, BenchSci operates in the biotech market, serving scientists and research organizations. It uses AI and machine learning to extract and organize data, which is then used to assist in preclinical R&D. The company generates income by providing its ASCEND platform to clients.

Keywords: Biotechnology, Preclinical Research, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Disease Biology, Data Extraction, Research and Development, Risk Identification, Hypothesis Generation, Enterprise Deployment.

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