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$48—72m ( estimates Oct 2021.)
New York City New York (HQ)



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% growth-117 %-
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Series A
Total Funding$22.0m

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Edit is a startup that operates in the healthcare financial sector, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to improve payment accuracy and reduce friction for payers, providers, and patients. The company's primary offering is an AI engine called Smart Response, which is designed to detect changes in payer performance. This technology can predict and prevent payment denials and identify emerging payment trends, thereby helping healthcare organizations drive more revenue.

Smart Response integrates real-time payment predictions into existing workflows of healthcare organizations. It is designed to adapt to the payment environment and automatically adjusts when payers change the rules. This ensures that healthcare organizations are always ahead of the game, reducing the risk of payment denials and improving overall financial performance.'s business model revolves around providing this AI-powered service to healthcare organizations. The company generates revenue by charging these organizations for the use of the Smart Response engine. The exact pricing model is not specified, but it is likely based on a subscription or usage-based model.

The company's leadership includes former executives from UnitedHealthcare Commercial and Anthem, indicating a strong background in the healthcare and insurance sectors. This suggests that is well-positioned to understand the challenges and opportunities in these markets and to deliver effective solutions.

Keywords: Healthcare, Financial Services, Artificial Intelligence, Payment Predictions, Payer Performance, Revenue Generation, Workflow Integration, Payment Accuracy, Rule Adaptation, Subscription Model.

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