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Revenues, earnings & profits over time
% growth(80 %)(86 %)(40 %)420 %355 %53 %(27 %)
% EBITDA margin(635 %)(11231 %)(28073 %)(3584 %)(497 %)(245 %)(375 %)
% profit margin(651 %)(11403 %)(2466 %)(3545 %)(595 %)(399 %)-
EV / revenue-588.7x153.3x-14.5x-4.6x-4.8x3.7x
EV / EBITDA--5.2x-0.6x0.4x0.9x2.0x-1.0x
R&D budget15.4m18.2m28.9m19.9m---
R&D % of revenue391 %3389 %8934 %1187 %---
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Akili Interactive is a pioneering company in the healthcare sector, specifically focusing on digital medicine. The company has developed a unique approach to treatment by combining neuroscience, technology, and video game entertainment. Instead of traditional methods like pills or injections, Akili offers a proprietary video game experience as a form of medicine. This innovative approach aims to make treatment more engaging and enjoyable for patients.

The company's flagship product, EndeavorRx, is a prescription digital treatment designed for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This product has received FDA clearance, making it the first and only prescription treatment delivered through a video game. This approval underscores the clinical rigor and scientific validation behind Akili's offerings.

Akili Interactive primarily serves children diagnosed with ADHD, but its technology has the potential to expand into other areas of cognitive health. The company operates in the digital health market, which is a rapidly growing sector as technology continues to integrate with healthcare.

The business model of Akili Interactive revolves around prescription-based digital treatments. They generate revenue by selling their digital medicine products to healthcare providers, who then prescribe them to patients. This model not only ensures a steady revenue stream but also aligns with traditional healthcare practices, making it easier for doctors to adopt and recommend their products.

In summary, Akili Interactive is revolutionizing the way we think about medicine by offering a scientifically-backed, enjoyable, and effective treatment option through video games. Their focus on ADHD treatment for children, combined with FDA clearance, positions them as a leader in the digital health market.

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