Revenues, earnings & profits over time
% growth-(20 %)11 %10 %(28 %)22 %15 %
% EBITDA margin(48 %)(68 %)(96 %)(96 %)150 %(69 %)(51 %)
% profit margin(82 %)(75 %)(80 %)(104 %)---
EV / revenue-2.6x4.3x2.2x1.1x0.9x0.8x
EV / EBITDA--3.9x-4.4x-2.3x0.8x-1.4x-1.6x
R&D budget181m160m189m223m---
R&D % of revenue59 %66 %70 %74 %---
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23andMe is a pioneering company in the field of direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA testing, offering genetic insights to individuals. The company operates primarily in the consumer genetics market, providing services that allow customers to learn about their ancestry, genetic traits, and potential health risks. By purchasing a DNA testing kit from 23andMe, customers can send in a saliva sample, which the company then analyzes to generate personalized genetic reports.

The company's clientele includes individuals interested in understanding their genetic makeup, tracing their ancestry, and gaining insights into their health predispositions. 23andMe serves a diverse customer base, ranging from those curious about their family history to those seeking to understand their genetic health risks.

23andMe's business model is built on selling DNA testing kits directly to consumers. The primary revenue stream comes from the sale of these kits. Additionally, the company offers subscription services that provide ongoing updates and new insights based on the latest genetic research. This model ensures a recurring revenue stream beyond the initial kit purchase.

Moreover, 23andMe leverages its extensive genetic database for research purposes. By aggregating anonymized genetic data from consenting customers, the company collaborates with research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate genetic research. These partnerships can lead to additional revenue through research grants and collaborations aimed at discovering new treatments for various diseases.

In summary, 23andMe is a leader in the consumer genetics market, offering DNA testing services that provide insights into ancestry, traits, and health. The company generates revenue through the sale of DNA kits and subscription services, while also contributing to genetic research through data partnerships.

Keywords: DNA testing, genetics, ancestry, health insights, consumer genetics, research, FDA authorized, subscription service, genetic traits, data partnerships.

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ACQUISITION by 23andMe Oct 2021
ACQUISITION by 23andMe Jul 2012